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Mindreading Becoming a Reality

One of the areas of recent scientific study I have been following is NeuroMarketing.  Scientist have been studying our brains reactions to everything from a coke can to the word FREE using fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) scans.  They can now tell in many cases why we are making descisions when we don’t know ourselves.

A good blog devoted to this topic is the NeuroScienceMarketing blog.  One of their post earlier this year included a reference to a 60 Minutes story on fMRI and mind reading.  The 60 Minutes reporters interviewed a scientist who is able to predict with 100% accuracy basic objects on which the subject is thinking.  He believes that in the next five years, science will be able to read our minds on a very detailed level – perhaps even without the subjects knowledge.

You can watch the full story below:

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