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Priscilla Ahn

Priscilla Ahn easily makes my Top 5 Vocalist list, so I figured I’d repost this here for those who haven’t heard about her.

– – Article originally appeared on 13 June 2008 at The EFP Online. – –

Priscilla Ahn (pronounced Ahh-n not Anne) is a Korean-American singer-songwriter currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

Ahn was born to to Harry and Kay Hartranft in Fort Stewart, Georgia, but later changed her surname to that of her mother. As a young child Ahn lived in South Korea, and upon returning to the United States lived and attended school in Pennsylvania. After graduation from high school, Ahn debated attending a university to study music. She ultimately opted to move to Los Angeles to pursue a music career on the advice of a music professor. That choice has turned out quite well for this young singer/songwriter.

Ahn recently joined the Fall 2008 Hotel Café Tour, and is currently touring with Meiko, Erin McCarly, Laura Jansen, and Ingrid Michelson. In live performance she plays acoustic guitar, harmonica, and kazoo. Although atypical instruments, her talented use of the harmonica and kazoo add a beautiful quality to her songs She – like many other performers – will occasionally use a loop pedal to record and play background vocals in real time. Even being the only artist on stage, Ahn is able to bring a richly layered and complex sound to her shows.

Before the Hotel Café Tour Ahn toured with artist such as Joshua Radin, Meiko, and Cary Brothers. Her music has also been featured on The Tonight Show, Grey’s Anatomy, Knight Rider, Men in Trees, The Late Late Show, and the movie Disturbia.

Throughout her career, Priscilla Ahn independently released a self titled EP and as well as a full length album, A Good Day, on Blue Note Records.

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