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Why I Hate the Dilbert Blog

In spite of the title, I really do enjoy reading Scott Adams’ blog. It is a well thought out blog that presents some interesting “philosotainment,” as he calls it. My issue is with his site. I use a mac to browse the internet with firefox and about a half dozen extensions. So for me most websites look and act the way I want them to. I keep my browser filling the legnth of my 21” wide screen monitor and everything behaves according to my settings..

When I go to Mr. Adams site, I immediately center click my mouse on the edge of his page to begin scrolling down the page. However every time I do this it opens his blog in yet another tab. The reason for this is that what looks like the edge of the webpage is actually part of an very long header. There is no reason for the header. It is exactly the same color as his background. If it were to be removed, I would be the only one who would even notice. Now having an unnecessarily long header alone would not cause any problems, but it happens to be a link back to the very page I am on. So, invariably I end up with two tabs of his site opened every time I go there.

This is certainly not one of the worst designed websites I have seen. However, it is one of the few that I cannot conform to my user controlled browsing.

Scott Adams’ Header

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